Kelsey who is from Winnipeg, just finished a two week stay at the farm in late August. This is an arrangement where the Farm provides food and accommodation in exchange for a work schedule that gives time for hiking, exploring and taking part in St. John’s night life. Here are some pictures and comments that highlight Kelsey’s adventures while she was here. For more information about farm stays and volunteer opportunities at the farm see our page on farmstay.

Here are some pictures which highlight Kelsey’s adventures during that time.

HIRING, effective immediately!

The Organic Farm is hiring; one full-time position and one part-time position are available. Send a resume to:!

Welcome to the 2014 season! – August Update, Challenges of the Season

The Organic Farm is experiencing the same unpredictable and changing weather as other farmers in the Atlantic provinces are. In May and June, the ground was too wet to get the tractor and cultivators into the fields. In July, it was so hot that one day, three workers went home early, due to heat, which is certainly a first for the Organic Farm. The irrigation pond was at the lowest it has been since we dug it, which reduced the watering schedules. The young lettuce bolted in July and had to be pulled out for replanting. Now, the greenhouse crops, especially cucumbers and tomatoes are suffering from lack of sunshine – not heat, but good old fashioned sun, the kind that comes from the sky, not the new geo-thermal heating systems we installed over the past two years.

However, some crops are doing extremely well. The cooler crops , cabbage, fennel, kale, spinach, arugula, etc., are thriving. Onions and fava beans are on track for the season, as are the sprouts, micro-greens, herbs and winter squash. There was a lot of interest in the green garlic and garlic scapes. We are now harvesting and drying garlic and taking special orders for basil and garlic for people who want larger quantities to make pesto.

The Organic Farm Veggie Coop

Membership for the Organic Farm’s 2014 Veggie Coop/CSA is closed. If you are part of the CSA for this year, be sure to read Melba’s weekly farm notes and consult the packing slip for each bag. This is the best way to familiarise yourself with the produce in the bag, and find out more about the CSA. If you are thinking of joining the CSA next year, check out the Membership Information page.

Where Can I Buy The Organic Farm’s Produce?

You can find Organic Farm produce at Food for Thought (82 Gower St, St John’s), Real Food Market (at their new location on the corner of Torbay Rd. and Pearson Street, a couple of blocks from MacDonald Drive going toward Torbay)and Belbin’s.

At the St John’s Farmers’ Market, which occurs every Saturday (June-Dec) from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., you will find  new vegetables for sale each week as the season unfolds. We also bring edible flowers, herbal teas and other specialist products such as asian greens. You can find, in advance, a list of what we will bring each week by clicking the Farmers’ Market tab on the menu, or simply click here.

Join the Compost Brigade!

We are accepting kitchen scraps, leaves, grass and other sources of compost and mulch effectively immediately. Drop off at the Organic Farm on Saturdays from 9:30 – 4:30 p.m. For a deposit of $5.00, we will provide a 5 gallon compost buckets with lid and swap for a clean one with each visit. For more information, contact

Seedling Orders

The main season for seedlings is Spring, and most of our seedlings are now gone. However, we do have assorted plants for sale, including trees, shrubs and herbs.

Planning A Wedding or Anniversary?

Why not make it even more memorable  by decorating your cakes and squares with fresh, delicate, edible flower or choosing some sturdy, colourful flowers such as nasturtiums, bachelor buttons and carnation to garnish the salads or plates?  Drop by the Farm and choose the flower/s you like and reserve in advance. Or contact us for an appointment.

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We are accepting applicants.