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The mission of the Organic Farm is to provide leadership in the development of safe and sustainable farming by using best practices in land development, greenhouse and field production, food safety and innovative and creative approaches to growing short-season vegetables and herbs on the Avalon Peninsula.

The farm makes available organic produce to local families and limited commercial markets; provides employment, internships and mentoring; carries out research and demonstration activities; and provides consultation, education and site visits for farmers, environmental groups, chefs and cooking classes, government organizations, entrepreneurs and children and families.


The Organic Farm is a demonstration farm, open to the public on Saturdays (and other times by appointment) where Mike Rabinowitz, Co-Owner, offers consultation on seed selection and organic soil building based on 30 years of growing organically in our short-season and unpredictable climate. We also host tours for Chefs and others who want to taste and see the many vegetables herbs and edible flowers that grace the vista of the farm. As the season unfolds, we hope to have a couple of display gardens with traditional vegetables such as potatoes, carrots and broccoli for children. as well as a garden of Asian greens and novelty greens for foodies. In a few weeks, you will be able to find more details on the Website.


Parents buy sprouts as nibbles, to put in school lunches, or add to sandwiches and tacos. The most favourite is the zip lock bag of pea shoots, which has the taste of fresh peas.  Some people who are in treatment for an illness have weekly trays of sprouts. Restaurants use sprouts for garnish and order the kind they prefer in advance. Sprouts take 9-12 days to be ready.  For more information or to Order, E-Mail We will arrange for pick-up at the farm by appointment or delivery in St. John’s on the days we deliver to restaurants, Belbins and Food For Thought.


The Organic Farm will have organic transplants ready for home gardeners to plant in keeping with the your growing conditions, outdoors or greenhouse. Order them ahead, they will be seeded when the timing is right and your plants will be reserved and kept at the farm until the weather cooperates for planting in your garden or greenhouse. We also provide plantings instructions and consultation. Let us know your choices and varieties and find the availability list under the Website header/ Seedling Orders later in the spring.


Another important aspect of the Organic Farm is a membership arrangement, where a family or individual pays a membership fee for the season and receives the fresh vegetables and herbs available weekly for the season which is 14 weeks; membership also qualifies you to put on an availability list for things which may be available after the veggie membership season ends. More details will be available later in the spring. See Website header: Veggie Membership.

How To sign-up for Veggie Membership!
All you need to do at this stage, is E-Mail ( and indicate that you want to be on the contact list. E-mailing earlier or later won’t influenced your chances, as the actual sign-up does not take place until later in the year, probably late April, after we contact former members to determine who is returning, their choice of bags. and the spaces available. At this time, Mike will invite the list of people who have already contacted us to start the application process, which will include accessing a 2016 price list and any changes in arrangements. This is when a POTENTIAL MEMBER NEEDS TO RESPONSE IN A TIMELY MANNER – that’s when the confirmed lists and waiting list begins to unfold. We usually have about 80 members, evenly divided between the larger and small groups. In the meanwhile, if you are any concerns, questions or change your mind about being a member, please get in touch.