Welcome to the 2014 season!

As usual, we started planting seedling trays in February. The early seedlings (lettuce, swiss chard, fennel, a variety of cole crops, onions, and several types of herbs) will be available, weather permitting, on Saturdays, beginning May 10, at our farm. At this time, it looks unlikely that we will have an early season.

Today is the first day of the 2014 season CSA/Veggie Coop! Click here to read the first packing slip, and click here to read Melba’s first farm notes of the season.

The Organic Farm Veggie Coop

Please download a membership form here! To read the email that went out to existing members of the Veggie Coop, follow the menu (Veggie Coop/CSA) and find the page “Membership Information”. This will tell you what the Veggie Coop is, how it works, what to expect, and how to become a member. Please return any completed forms to us by email.

Where Can I Buy The Organic Farm’s Produce?

We currently sell salad mix, large leaf lettuce, micro greens and herbs to Food for Thought (82 Gower St, St John’s), Real Food Market and Belbin’s.

At the St John’s Farmers’ Market, which occurs every Saturday (June-Dec) from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., you will find  new vegetables for sale each week as the season unfolds. We also bring edible flowers, herbal teas and other specialist products such as asian greens. You can find, in advance, a list of what we will bring each week by clicking the Farmers’ Market tab on the menu, or simply click here.


Seedling Orders

Our seedling order form for 2014 is now available for download. Click here to download it. Please return completed forms to OrganicFarm@NL.Rogers.Com.

This year we will not be delivering seedling orders of under $100 to the Farmers’ Market. The farm will, however, be open for collections of any size as usual, on Saturdays between the hours of 11am-5pm. We will still bring in lettuce, herb, cole crop and pepper seedlings to the Farmers’ Market for purchase.

Planning A Wedding or Anniversary?

Why not make it even more memorable  by decorating your cakes and squares with fresh, delicate, edible flower or choosing some sturdy, colourful flowers such as nasturtiums, bachelor buttons and carnation to garnish the salads or plates?  Drop by the Farm and choose the flower/s you like and reserve in advance. Or contact us for an appointment.


We always accept applications but we do have our regular employees.  Early Spring is extremely busy for us and we generally have lots of short term work available.  Career minded people are certainly welcome, our farm has slowly grown enough to provide several career minded people with profit sharing incentives. Please email to inquire.

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We are accepting applicants.