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AND WE ARE HIRING ADDITIONAL STAFF! One of the best fits we have had the past few years are people who are recently retired from indoor office jobs and looking for new adventures – but not necessarily full-time. Contact us if this seems like an idea worth exploring. We will try to work out a job description that fits you – greenhouse, seeding and transplanting, picking and packing or some combination.

SEEDLING AND TRANSPLANTS – Let the Organic Farm be your incubator for organic seedlings and transplants. Mike Rabinowitz, owner and manager, has been studying best outcomes for seeds for our short seasoned climate and finding organic and untreated seeds from the best seed suppliers in Canada and US for the past 25 years. Order your seedlings and transplants now! We do the seeding and care for the young transplants, until you are ready to put them into your garden or greenhouse.

VEGGIE CO-OP! Deadline for past members to confirm they are returning is May 30th. Review of waiting list for this season will begin June lst and continue until both small and large bag groups are filled.

CONSULTATION – free consultation on growing organically in Newfoundland. On-site at The Organic Farm, from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. on Saturdays.

ON-SITE FARM STORE IS NOW OPEN! Some early greens, herbs and seedlings available. E-mail for availability. Also, soil amendments, vegetable row cover and other assorted garden supplies for sale.

ST. JOHN’S FARMERS’ MARKET – Yes, we will be at Farmers’ Market first week of June, with a few packaged greens as well as seedlings and transplants.

VOLUNTEERS! We hope to have a full brigade of volunteers of all ages and made a few false starts over the winter. We are now better situated to welcome volunteers and provide team building tasks than over the winter when the paths to the greenhouse paths were banked with snow! Contact us on Facebook or email us with your interest!

GROWING IN THE GEO-THERMAL GREENHOUSES? Are you interested in learning more about the geo-thermal systems we have been developing over the past three years? We are still working out the bugs but glad to share what we have learned about this and any other of our growing practices. E-Mail Mike Rabinowitz, Farm Owner and Manager to make an appointment for a tour.