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As usual, we started planting seedling trays in February. The early seedlings (lettuce, Swiss chard, fennel, a variety of cole crops, onions, and several types of herbs) will be available, weather permitting, on Saturdays, beginning May 7, at our farm. Now, we also have an Organic Farm Facebook account which can be accessed directly if you are a Facebook member or through a link on the first page of our website,  By Thursday morning each week, there will be a list of products that will be available for the weekend at either Belbin’s, Food for Thought, or by special order for pick-up at the farm on Saturdays between 11 and 5. Please e-mail your special orders by midnight on Thursdays, so we can complete the picking on Fridays.

Ideally, we will begin a 14 week season, starting the week of June 20th with a three holiday weeks options for a total of 17 weeks. If the weather does not cooperate, the first Veggie delivery will occur in the last week in June and we will offer a 14 week subscription with two holiday weeks rather than three. Your cost will be the same in either case, but the 17 week season does add a bit of flexibility around your choice of holiday weeks.  At this time, it not clear whether we will have an early season.  Regardless, we are looking forward to processing applications for Veggie Coop Members for the 2016 season.

Our Gardening Centre will be open on Saturdays from 11a.m. To 5 p.m.  (Please call ahead if the weather is bad, 895-2884). We invite you to bring your family or friends to the farm on Churchill Rd, Portugal Cove to see where your food is growing.  If your friends are back yard gardeners, please let them know, they can order edible flowers, herbs, and vegetable seedlings through our website by clicking here or come out to the farm to see what is available. Any size order can be picked up at the farm.  We will not be delivering seedling orders under $100 at the Farmers’ Market.  However, we will bring in lettuce, herb, cole crop, and pepper seedlings that can be purchased at our vendor table.

Welcome back! We look forward to seeing you at the first pick-up  Please use the membership form and send it back to us at If there are no changes, simply put your name on the form. If there are changes in  bag size, phone numbers, payment schedule, who you are sharing with, address, or place for pick up, please indicate this.  We look forward to connecting again – at the Science Building or the farm. Not returning?  If you have not already let us know, please send a short e-mail to that effect. This will help clear the way for new members for this season.

The first step is to fill out and email the membership form (click here to download) to, even if you have written  us before.
 (Note – just fill in your name if you already have sent us a form.) Be sure to indicate your preference for a larger or smaller bag, or if you would be satisfied with either bag size.  Do this as soon  as possible. This will get your name on the current waiting list for this season. Do not send money!!! until we have confirmed your membership for the 2016 Season.  The priority after returning members are the people who have been on the waiting list since last season, then we will begin to process people inquiring for the 2016 Season.

Reply to this e-mail as soon as possible. The date on your reply will determine your position on the waiting list.  There is usually a 25% drop out rate from season to season. Thus, if you are among the first 20 prospective new members to respond, your chances are very good.

However,  getting the bag size you prefer may be more challenging. In order to help us coordinate our on-farm picking and packing, we divide the over-all numbers between smaller bags and larger bags. Usually, there are more requests for smaller bags than we can accommodate.



  1. Smaller Bag at $36.00 per week: Total of $504.00 for the 14 week season.
  2. Larger Bag at $49.50 per week: Total of $693.00 for the 14 week season.


  1. Smaller Bag Pick-up: Mondays, 6 PM, Science Building – Quad Parking Lot
  2. Larger Bag Pick-up: Wednesday, 6 PM., Science Building – Quad Parking Lot

Your Veggie Coop bag can be picked up from the farm anytime after 5:50 PM on your delivery day or  held in the chill room for you to pick up anytime later in the week.  As outlined earlier, we plan to operate for 16 or 17 weeks so members can take two or three holidays without losing vegetables.  If sufficient herbs and vegetables are available, members who don’t take holidays will be invited to purchase as many as three additional weeks at the regular weekly cost.

Please fill out and return your membership application form by e-mail. Do not send any money unless you receive an e-mail confirming a place. When you get such an e-mail, then please send post-dated cheques by slow mail (Organic Farm, 42 Churchills Road, Portugal Cove-St. Phillips, NL A1M 2P6).  Arrangements can be made for e-transfers.

You can mail your post-dated checks or bring them to the first pick up if using slow mail is not convenient. Also, please provide e-mail and phone information for all those you are sharing with to make it easier for us to find a person to pick up the veggies on nights when someone doesn’t show up. Include contact information for everyone involved in using your veggie bag. We hope to get a blog set up for the The Veggie Coop or a page on the Organic Farm Website for dialogue, recipes, farm notes and building the veggie coop extended community:  Also please note that we are now on Facebook.

For full details, please go to our Membership Information page.

Click here to download a copy of the Membership Application form for the 2016 season.