Redeem Gift Certificate

Whether you bought your certificate to use for yourself over the winter, or you were given it as a gift, use this page to redeem. Your gift certificate must be confirmed first before it can be applied to any purchase.

Please use the form below to submit your gift certificate for redemption.  Once your information has been received and processed, you will be sent a confirmation email.  See below for further details about each of our Gift Certificates.

An Organic Farm gift certificate for Farm Products over the winter will allow you to order up to $25 of fresh, local organics on a weekly basis from a pre-defined availability list sent via email. You can spend this $25 as you wish on different winter greenhouse products (e.g. spinach, lettuce, micro greens, etc) as they become available.

Sometime in January (exact date depending on availability) you will receive your first weekly availability list via email. If you are interested in buying something from the list, please reply to the email and advise what you are interested in.  We will confirm you still have credit available on your gift certificate and then process your order.  Each week thereafter, the Organic Farm emails out a list of available product for sale that week.

You can spend your $25 gift certificate in one purchase or use just a portion of it in any given week to get that one special organic product from our list. Didn’t use your entire amount this purchase? That’s OK!  You can use the remainder towards further purchases in the week(s) that follow.  No refunds will be available for unused portions of your gift certificate.

An Organic Farm gift certificate for Seedlings and Gardening Supplies will allow you to order up to $50 worth of organic seedlings grown at the farm, as well as products to help your seedlings thrive in your home garden.

Once our Seedling Order Form for the 2017 season is available online, we will email you and let you know.  You can use this form to redeem your gift certificate for Organic seedlings.  Once your seedlings are ready for transplant, we will let you know and arrange for pick up.  For gardening supplies to compliment your seedlings, please contact us.

No refunds will be available for unused portions of your gift certificate.

Before you fill out the form below, please s
ubmit an image of or a scanned copy of your gift certificate by uploading it here or send to  Please ensure you complete this first as we cannot confirm a gift certificate without this.  Once your file is successfully uploaded, complete and submit the details below.[fu-upload-form title=”Upload gift certificate image or scanned copy here.”]
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