Farm Notes

Over the years, we have developed several ways of letting people know what they can expect to have in the “bag” and what is happening on the farm. The first ten years, this was produced on paper and tucked into the bag when it was delivered. Year 11 and 12, we managed to get it onto the website, the day of bag pick up. However, the Website collapsed in the fall of 2010 and has not yet been resuscitated, although there is some effort on this front is the last few months. Meanwhile, a friend set up a blog to help get this information out to our Veggie Coop members. Today is our first day. Even though I was the typing champion in the State of Tennessee, I am not technically skilled/ hate learning new things and in general sullen about having to do something I didn’t learn in high school. So here I am, Melba, Co-Owner and writer of your weekly farm notes, whether we like it or not.

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What you can expect!
A brief list of veggies, perhaps ideas about how to use them and recipes. Also Stories, Gossip and Happenings! What’s Happening off the Farm, in terms of current events? Organics and food security. Good News and Bad!

How you can help!
Send in your recipes or other tidbits to the farm e-mail address or post them on the blog! Many of the recipes we circulated over the years are contributions from Veggie Coop members. Maybe some day we will get around to putting together a collection and you will see your name in print! Also, stories and current events! Perhaps your son or daughter won an award. Or you want to sell your kayak! This is the place to start!

Early season greens such as lettuce, Chinese Cabbage and maybe onions, just enough to tease your appetite for the 14 week season. Every week, the veggies will increase, hopefully, soon there will be spinach and kale, then, summer squash, beans and eventually turnips, garlic and carrots and finally winter squash.

— Melba, July 2nd, 2012