WWOOF | Farmstay

For Potential WWOOFers, Volunteers, and Farmstay.  We have several scrapbooks filled with wonderous love by volunteers.  We will post them shortly.  For now here’s a little description of what goes on.

We have had many volunteers from all over the world, several staying up to a year, and many that stay the remainder of their allowable time in Canada with us.

The farm is run by the elderly owners who have a strong work ethic.  It will be hard for them to see anyone lying around watching tv.  Although we do have a digital projector for any cold and rainy nights.  We ask for 4 to 6 hrs a day 5 days a week.  The spring is the busiest and we prefer 6 hrs but some exceptions can be made and of course working longer hrs will give you more time off.

We have a few pets.  Our small hairy dog is Whumpy Wigglebum.  She is easily excited and loves to sing and dance.  Bucket of Bones is a fast, sweet, vegetable eating, water dog that loves to chase goldfish.  He is a new addition to the farm and he really loves it here.  TimmyCat is an independent field cat.  Jaycat is a gentleman that hangs out on the window screen or flat faced on something soft.  Angry Andrew is a Muscovy duck with a bad attitude, he hates water and likes to eat people.  He escaped from a local slaughter house, and most of us hope he finds his way back.

Accommodations:  There is a spare bedroom in the main house and the support building has a spare room with 2 futons.  The support building also has a kitchen and bathroom with shower.  Of course there are  nice camping areas, one with a pretty awesome view!

Activities include: Hanging out on beaches, long hikes, swimming, camping, working in the woods (building a large Teepee, stage, deck, and camping platforms), biking, downtown crash pad in an art studio/jam space with electric bikes for touring the city, musical equipment (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, drum set, and recording gear).  These are just the more common activities of volunteers.  Other paid activities would include horseback riding, paintball, wall climbing, paragliding, whale and bird tours, etc…

East Coast Trail

Learning to drive.


He loves to play!

3 point turn

or frozen Beluga?

Sea Bugs!


Beating the weather with some indoor fun!

Baby moose chased the dogs away!

No polar dippers this time.

Time to relax with some good music and beer!

Hangin’ out!

Tunnel through cliff to another beach!

Jana takes a break!