Farm Notes – July 2, 2012


For the first several years, we had large canvas bags made locally, with the farm logo. Each member purchased two bags at a cost of $20.00 each, at the beginning of the season. (This was before the large re-usuable bags now purchased for $1.00 at box stores). Members brought the used bag and exchanged it for a new bag full of veggies. Then it came back to the farm from pick-up, each bag was washed, sterilized and dried between weeks, because the bags go to a different family household each week. Washing bags sometimes took a whole day of staff time, especially if the weather was inclement; some weeks, bags were not dry enough to use and substitutes were made anyway.

Washing Bags No Longer Feasible!
With labour costs rising and the increased demands on staff time, washing bags is simply not practical. We are struggling with how best to manage the vegetables in terms of packing them at the farm and passing them out to our members, off the farm. One employee suggested we might use nylon bags which can be washed in the washing machine; another suggested that we take the veggie into drop-off in boxes and ask members to bring their own bags, then transfer the veggies into their bags.

Solution For Now – Biogradable Shopping Bags! We are open to suggestions!

Remember, We Welcome Your Ideas, Suggestions and Feed-back on Any Topic!

— Melba

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