Packing Slip, Week 04, Smaller Bag, July 21, 2015

Garlic Scapes – bunch of 6 $3.00

Green Onions – bunch $2.50

Lettuce Mix (180g) $5.00

Pea Shoots – 50g $4.00

Rhubarb – 500g $4.00

Shelling Peas (160g) $3.00

Swiss Chard (300g) $5.00

Thyme – bunch $3.00

Total $29.50


1. Use your pea shoots on sandwiches or add to salad.

2. If garlic scapes are new to you, please use them in stews, salads, or stir fry.  The scapes are the garlic flower stalks, tender, versatile, and the taste is similar to the bulb.

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