Packing Slip, Week 02, Larger Bag, July 9, 2014

Packing Slip, Week 2, Larger Bag, July 9, 2014

Chinese Cabbage bag (500g) $3.00

Green Garlic – bunch $3.50

Green Onions – bunch $2.50

Lettuce head $3.50

Oregano – bunch $3.00

Pea Shoots (50g) $4.00

Rhubarb (500g) $3.50

Salad Mix (250g) $9.00

Sugar Snap Peas (130g) $3.00

Total $36.00


1. Use the Chinese cabbage in salads, stir fry, stews or cole slaw. For additional ideas please read Farm Notes – Week 2 on the website.

2. Use the green garlic as you would either garlic scapes or green onions. The whole plant is edible, a chef favorite, and a Eastern European favorite. Cut up in salad, use in stews, and use in a stir fry.

3. Newfoundland oregano is pungent. Use in small amounts on your salad or in your salad mix. Any pasta dish benefits from a good amount of fresh oregano or dry the oregano for use later in the year.

4. Pea shoots can be used in sandwiches and salads, or for snacking. They are very high in protein and vitamins.

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