Packing Slip, Week 02, Smaller Bag, July 7, 2014

Packing Slip, Week 2, Smaller Bag, July 7, 2014

Green Garlic – bunch $3.50

Green Onions – bunch $2.50

Micro Mix (50g) $5.00

Swiss Chard (250g) or Kale (400g) $4.00

Rhubarb (500g) $3.50

Salad Mix – 250g bag $9.00

Snow Peas – Yellow (130g) $3.00

Total $30.50


1. Use the green garlic as you would either garlic scapes or green onions. The whole plant is edible, a chef favorite, and a Eastern European favorite. Cut up in salad, use in stews, and use in a stir fry.

2. Micromix is a mixture of live shoots that were cut this morning. You can use the mix for sandwiches, salads, and snack. It is very high in protein and vitamins.

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