Packing Slip, Week 01, Larger Bag, July 2, 2014


Packing Slip, Week 1, Larger Bag, July 2, 2014

Chives (flowers are edible) $3.00

Green Garlic – bunch $3.50

Lettuce heads (2) – Bibb and Oakleaf $6.00

Braising Mix – 400g $8.00

Pea Sprouts – 50g $4.00

Rhubarb (500g) $3.50

Snow Peas (130g) $3.00

Total $31.00


1. Use the green garlic as you would either garlic scapes or green onions. The whole plant is edible, a chef favorite, and a Eastern European favorite. Cut up in salad, use in stews, and use in a stir fry.

2. Use the pea sprouts either on sandwiches or in your salad. They are high in protein and, in general, very nutritious.

3. Go to our website for recipes. Rhubarb sauce is definitely a fovourite.


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